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Copper Valley Telecom's Valdez Copper to Fiber Project

Copper Valley Telecom announced on April 14 that it will begin converting homes in Valdez from copper based facilities to fiber optic facilities in May. This final phase of the company's fiber network upgrade project will include installation of electronics inside each residence. The Valdez residential network is transitioning to the new fiber platform and copper services will be discontinued. The new electronics will enable both voice and Internet services to continue uninterrupted. Read more >>>

H5 Triathlon Results and Photos!

The 20th annual Copper Valley Telecom Triathlon was held Saturday, August 5, 2017. Read more >>>

Last Chance - Capital Credit Payout List

Customers whose capital credit check has either not been cashed or the check has been returned by the post office due to an incorrect address have until December 29, 2017, to contact CVT at (907) 835-2231. If we do not hear from those on this list by the end of December, their capital credit payout will revert back to CVT's general fund.

Tsaina Ridge Cellular Site Provides Coverage in Areas Near Thompson Pass

Copper Valley Telecom announced that it has activated a new permanent cell site located above the Tsaina River at milepost 42 of the Richardson Highway. Read more >>>

Maximize Your In-Home Network!

Announcing Copper Valley Telecom's In-Home Network Solutions. The services include free heat mapping with a subscription to 15 Mbps Internet or higher, Google home access points, and tech home support. Read more >>>

TECH HoME Now Available

SecureIT Web Security for computers, phones, and tablets. Free 1 year subscription with 25Mbps or higher Internet speeds. Read more >>>.

CVT Blog

Check out our Blog! There is a new article in the Community Stories section on Digital Literacy and a new article in the Cyber Security section about the WannaCry Ransomware attack.

Customized Business Services

Copper Valley Telecom offers high capacity Ethernet and T1 circuits throughout the Prince William Sound, Copper Valley, and Valdez areas. Read more >>>

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