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Digital Literacy is a Part of Everyone's Future

April 18, 2017, by Tabitha Gregory, Chief Customer Relations Officer, Copper Valley Telecom

A person's ability to understand and use technology is almost as important as their ability to read and write the English language. This is a strong statement, and we say it because here at Copper Valley Telecom we see firsthand how important it is that each person – regardless of age, gender, education or career path – has at least basic mastery of skills such as how to operate a computer and a cell phone, how to set up social media sites and web accounts, and how to update software. As time goes by and more of our world's communications, educational opportunities, employment, and entertainment involve technology, those who are not digital literate fall behind and become increasingly isolated. Read more >>>

Cyber Security

Phishing Attempt sent to CVT Email Users April 22/23 Weekend

April 24, 2017, by by Sarah Jorgenson-Owen, CVS Technician

Over the weekend, several CVT Email users received a phishing scam message (click the Read More link below to see the screen shot of the message). This email was NOT sent by Copper Valley Telecom. Read more >>>

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