Copper Valley Telecom's Valdez Copper to Fiber Project

Copper Valley Telecom announced on April 14 that it will begin converting homes in Valdez from copper based facilities to fiber optic facilities in May. This final phase of the company's fiber network upgrade project will include installation of electronics inside each residence. The Valdez residential network is transitioning to the new fiber platform and copper services will be discontinued. The new electronics will enable both voice and Internet services to continue uninterrupted.

Beginning May 8, Copper Valley personnel will call each resident in the Valdez core area to schedule a conversion appointment. The company expects to begin working in Mineral Creek Heights and then will continue through the community. Each appointment will take one to two hours and there is no charge for this conversion.

"This fiber conversion paves the way for a customer to subscribe to new higher Internet speeds, but changes to services are not required," said Tabitha Gregory, CVT's Chief Customer Relations Officer. "We are asking community members to help our crews keep this project moving by responding to our calls and fitting a conversion appointment into their busy schedules."

For questions about the project, call 835-2231.

CVT's Valdez Copper to Fiber Project Public Notice