Tsaina Ridge Cellular Site Provides Coverage in Areas Near Thompson Pass

Copper Valley Telecom announced that it has activated a new permanent cell site located above the Tsaina River at milepost 42 of the Richardson Highway. The site, which has been in test mode for several months, expands cell coverage for voice and 3G data service from approximately mile 29 near Worthington Glacier to approximately mile 47 near the Billy Mitchell Campground. Signal strength varies throughout this zone depending on the user's specific location, but coverage is relatively consistent along the highway.

"We are pleased to continue to add and upgrade cell towers in our service area," said Dave Dengel, Copper Valley Telecom's CEO. "Residents have asked for expanded year-round service in the Thompson Pass area in order to improve communications for recreationists and motorists. Through cooperation with the State of Alaska, we were able to install this high elevation site where signal can propagate further than if it were installed along the highway."

Copper Valley Telecom provides additional communication options along the highway corridor in the area. These include mini cell sites at Thompson Pass Department of Transportation and Tsaina Lodge and free public phones at Tiekel Lodge, entrance to Worthington Glacier State Park and at milepost 18.

Copper Valley Telecom provides wired and wireless voice, data, and internet services throughout the Copper River Valley, Prince William Sound, Valdez, and Cordova.

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